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Amazon Beats Retailers At its Own Game

Hey guys! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of the over 75,000 followers of my facebook or twitter account. Thanks for being here, I love each and every one of you xoxox. Please bare with me as I build out my site so that you guys can enjoy my reviews on items and sites i like.

If you’ve haven’t just crawled from underneath a rock, you should know who Amazon is by now! I promote amazon links using this unique url: Below I will list all the items that separate Amazon from other retailers and why you should choose them instead:

1)Inventory – Amazon has by far the largest selection of items I’ve ever come across. Anything from basketballs to obscure items like next adjusting braces, Amazon will likely have it. Amazon also has a marketplace where third party vendors can sell their goods. This extensive market is one of Amazon’s primary strengths.

2)Amazon Prime – Wow, amazon prime was a huge game changer. For a small yearly fee, you could get 2 day FREE shipping on Prime eligible products (most items are prime friendly). No more waiting 5-6 business days for your goods. Imagine ordering something on monday and getting it by wednesday GUARANTEED. I’m still blown away by this feature!

3) Customer support – customer support at amazon is top notch. The best i have ever experienced by any company so far. Need to return an item? NO PROBLEM. Simply follow the easy step by step instructions found in the user dashboard, print the label, and then return the item. There is no hassle, no 10 hour wait on the phone, no phone menu mazes you have to go through to talk to a person. It’s really a breath of fresh air.

Take a look at this chart showing just how badly amazon is destroying its retail counterparts. Theres a reason why they are growing at such a rapid pace and the reason why i love to talk about them!